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In an era of unprecedented connectivity and digital expansion, cybersecurity stands as a paramount concern for businesses worldwide. At Sepia Solutions, we grasp the intricate nature of modern digital landscapes and the imperative need for robust defenses against evolving threats. From safeguarding infrastructure to fortifying data and cloud applications, our mission is to empower organizations with resilient cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity Trends You Need to Know About

Email Security and Phishing Defens

Email remains a top vector for cyberattacks, with phishing attacks on the rise. In 2022, 35% of ransomware incidents involved email, highlighting the urgency of implementing robust email security measures. Our solutions encompass URL checking, macro disabling, and advanced email threat detection to fortify your defenses against malicious campaigns.

Identity Management and Access Control

Managing the expanded identity landscape is crucial, considering the increasing sophistication of threat actors. Our solutions address identity security across user accounts, cloud access, and workload identities, ensuring comprehensive visibility and control to mitigate identity-related risks effectively.

Endpoint Security and Visibility

The proliferation of devices in hybrid environments poses significant challenges for endpoint security. Our solutions enhance endpoint visibility and security hygiene, empowering you to identify and mitigate potential threats across your digital ecosystem.

IoT Device Security

IoT devices represent a growing endpoint attack vector, susceptible to exploitation by threat actors. Our solutions help you gain visibility into IoT devices and address vulnerabilities to safeguard your network infrastructure effectively.

Cloud Security and Permissions Management

With the migration to cloud environments, securing cloud infrastructure and applications has become paramount. Our solutions leverage a "Shift-left" security approach, integrating security measures early in the app development lifecycle to mitigate cloud-related risks effectively.

External Attack Surface Management

Securing the external attack surface is an internet-scale challenge, requiring comprehensive visibility and vulnerability management. Our solutions help you identify and address vulnerabilities throughout your digital ecosystem, including third-party connections and extended supply chains.

Our Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we offer a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions tailored to your business needs. From assessment and piloting to deployment and managed services, we empower you to stay ahead of evolving threats and safeguard your digital assets effectively.

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