The Importance of YOUR BRAND

A unique visual identity sets you apart from competitors. It represents your perspective and creates a cohesive picture for customers and stakeholders.

At Sepia Solutions we understand the thought and care that goes into creating unique visuals, understanding your story, developing a strategy, and crafting a brand identity which offers a connecting experience. We incorporate the latest trends, practices, and proven technology to offer a range of branding services.

Building Brand Ideas

After the Discovery Session, we begin to pull our ideas for your brand together.

Initial Idea

Logos are the first impression a potential client has of your company. A logo tells someone who your company is from the font size, color scheme chosen, to whether it is an abstract or literal image. A good logo lets a client get to know you and your story. We get this done through our research in discovery phase to get a holistic view of the company, competitors and the field they are in. This follows with drafts of logos and input from our clients. Our clients are a part of every step in the process of creating a business logo.

As every artist tells their story through their artwork, we will tell your story through your logo.


Brand Identity is the collection of standardized visuals, sound, taste & even smell that are carefully crafted and aligned with your business vision, products & audience that span across all mediums and touchpoints.

We are experts in building cohesive systems and understand the importance of getting your business’s identity right. We make sure every step taken while creating a brand is both professionally planned and executed.

We have pre-configured processes in place which we have customized over the years as per our success criteria. Our brand manager along with the marketing team will work with you to build brand strategy, brand development and future positioning. You can also have a brand strategy and guidelines in place and we can help you improve and implement it.

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