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The combination of trusted Microsoft Office applications, professional email services, cloud storage, intelligent tools for streamlining operations and advanced analytics and security features, Microsoft 365 is the ultimate office suite to empower your best work.

Microsoft Office Apps

Access both desktop and web-based apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more for all of your business productivity needs.

Microsoft Windows

Deployed on hundreds of millions of devices, Windows 10 brings your work to life while delivering speed and agility to keep your business moving.

Advanced security

Highly intelligent security, compliance and device management features protect systems, defend against threats and keep your business safe.

IT simplified

Centralized admin and management functions combined with deep analytics simplify and streamline business processes.

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Sepia Solutions

Sepia Solutions is a value-added cloud solutions provider dedicated to your success. We provide expert migration and technical support for every Microsoft 365 tenant to help you make the most of your subscription.


We provide expert migration services from any email platform, adapted to your schedule to get you back up and running ASAP

Technical Support

Available 24/7/365 in English/Urdu/Hindi across East Asia, our knowledgeable tech support agents are always available to take your call

Benefits of a Bespoke Solutions

Whether you’re a startup, established developer or an expanding business, investing in your own IT infrastructure is expensive.

And it’s not simply the capital costs of the servers and other hardware. The costs for all aspects of your network can really add up, including design, maintenance, security, updates, redundancy – the list goes on. These costs can be prohibitive to company growth and can snowball as systems are adapted and upgraded over time. Not to mention the struggle involved in finding and keeping the talent needed to implement it all.

Third Party Cloud Solutions Like Azure & GSuite

More and more world developers are adopting serverless, pay-as-you-go cloud computing models and moving to outsourced cloud services like Azure and AWS.

Cloud services like these provide companies with a lot of advantages over their previous setups in areas like security, scalability, flexibility, reliability, and savings.

Hybrid cloud computing is also becoming increasingly popular, allowing companies to combine third party cloud solutions with their on-site private cloud.

However, many developers and businesses in Ireland, and indeed around the world, are finding that the benefits of rolling out on these services can be more limited than it seems at first glance.

Cloud Strategy and Assessment

We offer multi-tier architectures, scalable solutions as bespoke software is designed with the long term IT plans of your company. As a top software company provider we are offering a full package of software consultancy services, application support, app development services, software design services, IT outsourcing, company outsourcing, bespoke website, bespoke computing etc.

Rich client applications

Rich client Apps provide the best possible performance and scaling of applications. They are based on a unified component model so that a lot of useful components have already been implemented. Drag-and-drop functions are possible, as well as support for native widgets. Using rich client visualization and the interaction of graphic user interfaces leads to excellent software usability

Mobile Application Development

The mobile economy is booming at lightning speed. Truly!, the future of mobile applications is enormous. We have been in the technology space since the beginning and our specialty is creating apps that are breathtakingly beautiful, powered by a smooth user experience.

Web Based Applications

Web based applications are best described as "online application" or a "web-based program". This means that an application-specific functionality is not a fixed installation on your computer. This is provided entirely by the server and sent by browser via intranet or internet to a local computer. In this way, web applications are simple websites with an extended range of functions, so to speak

Bespoke Cloud
Solutions Partners

We boast of domain knowledge and coverage in different industrial sectors: retail and professional service providers

Benefits Bespoke Cloud Offers

With the right partner, you simply tell them what your infrastructure needs to achieve and they design and build it to match your needs – hence the ‘Bespoke’ part of the service.


Optimal Cloud Infrastructure Design and Setup

Because your infrastructure is designed based on your requirements, it’s more efficient and thus more cost effective.

Developers and regular businesses alike also benefit from the expertise and experience of their cloud solutions partner when it comes to achieving the optimal infrastructure design, setup, deployment. This makes experience an important factor when choosing a partner, and it greatly reduces the need to have such high-level infrastructure skills in-house.

As with the likes of AWS and Azure, a reliable cloud partner can also provide the scalability, backups, access, and redundancy that any professional application and business needs to be able to rely on.


Rich client applications

Rich Internet Clients have advantages of both Client-Server and thin-client applications. Rich Internet Client applications are developed on open standards and have strong integration with the Desktop Operating System (OS), resulting in rich interaction. Rich Internet Client applications provide immediate feedback to users when they interact with the application. Rich Internet Client applications use modern UI controls, such as tree controls or tabbed panels. Also, Rich Internet Client applications allow users to perform interactive operations such as drag and drop.


Mobile applications

Over the past 10 years, the number of smartphones used has exceeded 2.5 billion. Every year, consumers spend $380 billion on new devices. Each of them has applications that simplify life, helping to count, communicate, and order a taxi or food.

A mobile app itself is application software developed for smartphones and tablets with various operating systems: iOS, Android, KaiOS, Harmony OS, Tizen, and others. In most cases, it requires access to the Internet if it is connected to remote resources.


Content Management System

To manage and organize websites and archive contents, content management systems are used. These can be of a variety of kinds. Sepia Solutions addresses the need to manage your websites in its own way by providing its customers with a generalized application that helps you to manage all kinds of sites - SepiaCMS - an application that focuses on user centered design, ease of use, and accessibility.

Our Content management system offers immense number of modules for website management with step by step website builder in a hosted environment. Our system helps a user in creating a customised website in easy steps and offers flexibility to update and manage the content.


Hybrid Email Solutions

Hybrid systems are becoming an increasingly popular competitor for SaaS and On-Premise solutions. The hybrid technology utilizes both installed and cloud components and optimizes the benefits of both SaaS and On-Premise models. Being a combination of both, a hybrid email solution provides the pros and eliminates the cons of each service.Email marketers are beginning to realize the benefits of hybrid solutions: ease-of-use, enhanced potential and reliability combined with the security and direct data access of installed software


UX UI Design

Different applications need different types of interfaces to work with and different interfaces work in different ways. For example, mobile interfaces are different than the interfaces designed for tablets and laptops. Sepia shall help you to make your applications look and feel the way a user wants it, giving him a high quality user experience.

We provide designing services for all types of devices and hence screen sizes and resolutions, covering all kinds of different browsers and frameworks, as well as sites and other portals with different requirements.

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